Students with impaired vision in regular classrooms need all the tools they can get in order to compete successfully. Luckily there has never been a wider choice and new options are appearing regularly.


With the right tools, good training and support, most aspects of classroom life can now be catered for. However not all students have those opportunities and there are still large areas of Australia where barriers exist to children with low vision reaching their potential.


These barriers include;

– The provision of the right technology tools they need. Especially where a student may need multiple tools or the “tool box”. Despite NDIS, Better Start and other government initiatives, we regularly come across students that have less than the ideal tool box at their disposal

– The support, training and professional development of specialist vision teachers appears to be eroding in many areas.

– And the big one remains the attitudes of people around the student, in the classroom, playground and in recreation.


Quantum consultants have decades of experiencing supporting students with impaired vision in schools, college and university. We are always happy to help with advice, recommendations and support wherever we can, so please don’t hesitate to call us.


Here is a quick up-date on what is happening in the world of assistive technology for low vision students.


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