OrCam MyEye is a spectacle mounted piece of artificial intelligence providing audible response to the world in front of the wearer. The device provides the wearer with access to many day to day activities by providing audio feedback after taking a picture of what’s in front of the wearer and analysing that picture.


OrCam MyEye can read you nearly any text including mobile phone and computer screens, tell you the time, read barcodes, recognise faces of known individuals and bank notes. Being so small, it allows the user to do many of these tasks, where ever and whenever required, without the need to carry or use larger, often immovable devices. Importantly, OrCam operates completely independently of the internet, ensuring a high level of privacy and security.


Designed and built in Israel by the company that has developed driverless cars and automatic braking systems, OrCam MyEye has been providing Australians with renewed or regained levels of independence for more than four years. One of the aims for the development of OrCam MyEye is to build a platform on which to provide further skills and abilities for the wearer when reading or when moving around the environment.


Introducing the next generation………. OrCam MyEye PRO.


OrCam MyEye PRO brings two very useful capabilities to those living with a vision impairment.


Firstly, Smart Reading, giving the ability to navigate around a page by telling MyEye PRO what you want to read using a range of voice commands. For example, you may have a magazine and you would like to know what headlines are on the page, all you have to say is “read me the headlines”. After you‘ve heard what headlines are seen on the page, you can then say “read the second article” for example, and OrCam MyEye PRO will read that story. Other items you can have OrCam MyEye PRO read to you are specific words, phone numbers, amounts and dates.


Secondly, Orientation, which is designed to orient yourself in your immediate environment by giving you audible  feedback on specific items that are in front of you. OrCam MyEye PRO will tell you if it sees everyday objects such as cups, chairs, tables, screens and doors within the range of 1.5 to 9 metres in front of you, including a guide to direction to the left or right of the user. Orientation is in the first stage of development and its capability will grow as new items are introduced, growing OrCam MyEye PRO to become a valuable tool to assist and confirm what other orientation and mobility skills already provide (note: OrCam MyEye PRO Orientation feature will never replace good orientation and mobility skills nor a Guide Dog).


OrCam MyEye PRO looks and feels the same as the existing model, but has improved processing capabilities necessary for the new features.


OrCam MyEye PRO will be available shortly and upgrade paths are in place for existing users. Please contact Quantum on 1300 883 853 or your local Consultant to discuss these features, organise a demonstration or to find out how you can upgrade to OrCam MyEye PRO.

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