The MagniLink S HD is another option for students and workers needing a portable system that can be connected to any PC or Mac with its USB 3.0 connector. Use it to read books and documents, follow along with lecture notes on the whiteboard, and then take a snapshot to study later. The system is powered through the computer’s USB 3.0 port – no batteries or additional power sources needed.


Superior image quality – full HD


MagniLink S Computer/Monitor HD offers exceptional image quality. With Full HD, even more details can be viewed in texts and images and the sharpest possible image in both reading and distance mode. Full HD also offers an even lower initial magnification, providing a better overview of the materials to be scanned and OCR processing of a full A4 page (US Letter) with optional TTS Text To Speech feature.


Full HD quality with an image transfer of 60 full digital frames per second, high brightness/contrast and a high quality, light sensitive camera lens, for flicker-free images and sharp edges. The result is an unmatched, superior image.





MagniLink S Computer/Monitor HD is compatible with the latest operating systems for PC and Mac. It is compatible with assistive software such as ZoomText.


MagniLink S Computer/Monitor HD is a good option when you have high demands on both quality and mobility. It’s easy to carry, for example between home and school or a workplace – and can be connected to a computer (PC/Mac/Chromebook) or a monitor. In combination with lots of productive accessories this gives extreme flexibility and freedom of choice.



Simple and flexible


MagniLink S Computer/Monitor HD is always accessible; it sets-up and is ready to use virtually in seconds. The minimized footprint makes it possible to place tightly alongside a laptop, either on the left or the right side and fits perfectly also on small tabletops. It’s also easy to switch between distance and reading mode and you never have to worry about battery charge level or lost chargers as the unit is powered directly from the computer.


TTS, an option for PC and Mac


For PC and Mac you can add TTS (Text To Speach) as an option. It provides multiple functions, including synchronized text and speech output. Up to a full A4 page (US Letter) can be scanned at once and by using keyboard commands you can quickly and efficiently scan multiple pages in a matter of seconds.


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