Student using the Magnilink Tab in a classroom

Updates to the Magnilink TAB

The MagniLink TAB multi-purpose, multi-camera Windows tablet electronic magnifying and text to speech device, has even more features, thanks to a new update just released.

We are contacting anyone who has purchased a Magnilink TAB, with the details on how to obtain the free software upgrade.

New video and camera features

  • Open captured images and video recordings directly from the software.
  • You can switch between the different cameras during video recording without interrupting the recording. For example, you can record with the external camera and at the same time use the internal camera for reading.
  • The frequency of the camera is adjustable to avoid any flickering near fluorescent lamps.

More Options for OCR (Optical Character recognition)

  • You can now open and read aloud PDF documents
  • Turn column mode for OCR on or off
  • Save your images, video recordings and OCR-processed documents directly to your desktop.
  • Move around in the text in several different ways even in the OCR mode, for example with your fingers on the touch screen.

Adjustable settings and controls

  • Use gestures to enlarge and reduce the size of the menus on the settings page.
  • The menu buttons are now larger and you can adjust the colour and transparency of the buttons to suit your vision.
  • Rotate the camera image, which allows you to turn the external camera to the left side of the screen. You can also rotate the camera arm so that the camera is positioned between you and the screen, which can make it easier if you have a small workplace.

New Features

  • New note function which allows you to open or take a picture and make notes, mark, draw, OCR process and make changes to the images in several other ways. Ideal, for example, to fill in forms, take exams, etc.
  • There is support for Windows built-in screen reader, Narrator, so you can get the functions in the menu read aloud.
  • You can now use the Surface Pen to interact with the software rather than having to use your fingers.

Petter Helge from LVI demonstrated some of these new features at recent webinar which you can watch on our YouTube channel: Webinar with LVI

Now in stock so contact your local consultant or  e-mail


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