Recently we surveyed our Low Vision Consultants and asked them to list all the extra little things they are often asked to do when they visit clients in their homes. We quickly came up with a list that is too long to print here!


From changing lightbulbs and batteries in the TV remote to re-arranging furniture and helping to decipher the latest letter from the Government, our consultants clearly go above and beyond the call of duty in supporting our clients.


All of our consultants have very extensive experience helping people with vision loss and offer a genuine and caring service to many thousands of people around Australia each year.


In turn, our consultants are also supported by a wonderful team; our customer service representatives, storespeople, technicians and accountants.


In fact many people are surprised at just how many people work at Quantum. So we have included a recent photo here of the whole team. We are 19 strong and have a combined experience of supporting people with vision loss of over 200 years!



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