Congratulations Peter! We have always known about his fantastic customer service because you are constantly telling us. Peter always goes the extra yards to ensure everyone chooses the right product and knows how to use it.


Peter Cracknell has led our Queensland office since it was first established in 2005. Prior to that he worked at our head office in Sydney, following a successful career in the UK supporting people with vision loss.


Recently he was recognised by Optometry Queensland and Northern Territory and being awarded the BJ Skertchly Award for “Outstanding Contributions to Optometry from a Non-Optometrist”.


Peter Cracknell and Melinda Toomey

Peter Cracknell received the Professor Sydney B K Skertchly Award, which recognises outstanding contribution to optometry by a non-optometrist.


This is a remarkable achievement and all of us at Quantum are thrilled to have Peter on our team. Congratulations Peter!!

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