Since the late 1990’s, the ClearView desktop electronic magnifier has been the ‘bread and butter’ for customers of Quantum who require a high quality, easy to use desktop magnifier, and continues being so today. Nearly eight years ago speech output was added, and a new product was born; ClearView WideView Speech.

CleaView Sppech- Image

Using the same technology incumbent in the successful ClearReader, the ClearView WideView Speech has become increasingly popular by offering excellent quality viewing of items placed under the camera, but with the ability of reading aloud those longer documents that could take too long to read for yourself or may cause fatigue when viewing.

ClearView WideView Speech

The ClearView WideView Speech is now consistently our number one desktop magnifier and is now available with the same Asian languages as the ClearReader.  Even though the cost of the ClearView Speech is higher than the non-speech versions, it shows the acceptance and effectiveness of having both visual enhancements and text reading in one device. Please contact your local Consultant or call 1300 883 853 to organise a suitable time for a demonstration in your home or office.

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