Inside One braille Tablet showing Windows


insideONE – Windows 10 Braille tablet

We are excited to introduce the insideONE, a new kind of Windows Braille tablet which unites the world of Braille and print. Braille input is instantly displayed on a screen as well as the integrated 32 cell Braille display allowing sighted people to have visual access to what was Brailled and anything typed.

Key features:

  • Full Windows 10 device allowing simple integration into organisations.
  • Use any of your favourite Windows applications such as Microsoft Office, Google G-Suite, Adobe and choice of internet browsers.
  • Use your preferred screen reader. JAWS and NVDA installed. (JAWS license required if wishing to use permanently)
  • Braille input via Perkins-style Braille keys engraved into Gorilla Glass ®.
  • Other tactile engraved sliders for interacting and navigating by gestures.
  • 10’’ HD Screen for use by those who are sighted.
  • Separate Home operating area for simple notes, calculation and access to settings.
  • Size 20cm x 29.5cm Weighs only 1.3kg.

There are several benefits to having access to the Windows operating system in a portable braille device:

  • It is simpler to integrate into schools, universities, and other organisations as the applications used are mainstream and more straightforward for IT
  • It can be connected to internal wireless networks.
  • Use of familiar Windows applications allows easier sharing of documents whether for collaboration or submitting work to teachers.
  • The integrated screen also allows collaboration with colleagues and peers and allows or sighted assistance. This can be dimmed to save battery and or for privacy. Instant visual representation of Braille input in text and SimBraille.
  • Onscreen QWERTY keyboard can be use by sighted peers/teachers to interact with it or an external keyboard can be connected if required (USB or Bluetooth).
  • The device will remain up to date through regular Windows updates. Updates to the Homes area will be provided by InsideVision.
  • Use your preferred screen reader:JAWS or NVDA.

The insideONE being used by a young child with guiding hand of an adult

While this can be achieved by using a Windows laptop with a braille display, having an all- in- one device has a number of advantages including no need for connecting by cables or Bluetooth and the ability to just carry one device.


The additional basic Home interface can be used to take simple notes, do calculations, manage files and would be useful for introducing the concept of a braille display. This area also has other apps under development. Switching between the Windows environment and the Home area is by a single gesture.

Recently the insideONE was featured in an interview by Peter Greco on the Focal Point radio program which you can listen to here.

The insideONE is the second Windows based Braille computing device that we have available here at Quantum.

The table below compares the features of the insideONE and the ElBraille 40 5th Generation to help you work out what might be more suitable for your needs.

Feature InsideOne

insideONE braille tablet

ElBraille 40 5th Gen

Elbraille and Focus 40 5th Generation



Full Windows 10? Yes Yes
Visible screen Yes-inbuilt Separate screen needed(via HDMI or mirroring app)
Bluetooth Yes Yes
WiFi Yes Yes
Detachable braille display No Yes
Braille input Yes-indented keys Yes -Tactile keys
Qwerty input Yes-onscreen keyboard Separate keyboard required (USB or Bluetooth)
Number of Braille cells 32 40
Full control of Windows 10 by braille input Yes Yes
Battery life (approximate) Up to 8 hours Up to 15 hours
Inputs HDMI, micro USB, mini USB, USB, USB-C, micro SD USB, HDMI, SD card, Sim card
Expandable storage Yes , by SD card Yes by SD card
Headphone jack


Connect other devices to braille display No Yes- up to 5 Bluetooth devices


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