The Digital Access team at Vision Australia provide digital accessibility consulting, training and testing services to external organisations. Their services help ensure organisations provide websites, mobile apps, applications and documents that people who struggle to read can fully access.


The Digital Access team provide a fee-for-service approach and they currently support government agencies, educational institutions and commercial organisations.


They offer a range of services to help you make your digital assets, such as websites, documents, ATMs, kiosks and mobile apps, accessible to everyone. Their advice is based on expert knowledge of WCAG 2.0 conformance, as well as usability and accessibility best practices gained from over 17 years of research and user testing across various disability groups.


As one of the only Australian consultancies to provide tailored design and code solutions to help you overcome technical accessibility issues, the Digital Access team will help you discover the best ways to deliver on digital inclusion. Service on offer include;



Web Accessibility Audit (and) User-Based Evaluation

Mobile App Evaluation

User Testing

Statement of Accessibility

Benchmark Audit

Conformance Audit

Document Audit

Design Review

HTML Template Review

Find out more about our accessibility testing services.



Support services

Accessibility Strategy

Accessibility Implementation Plan

User Engagement Workshops



As a leading provider of accessibility training in Australia their public and in-house courses enable professionals and whole organisations to achieve the highest standards in digital accessibility and communication.


Document remediation


Digital Access have partnered with TaggedPDF — an Australian owned company that specialises in PDF tagging and accessibility remediation. Whether you have a single file or a magnitude of legacy documents, TaggedPDF can make them accessible for you.


Key contacts:


P: 1300 367 055




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